Thursday, October 16, 2014

VERY BUSY for the past 10 months. Wrist is VERY TIRED (easy, Rove)!! Hardest part has been remembering the extra "i"



Monday, February 24, 2014


I know, I know, I have railed against the sausage-fingered ones more than anyone.  And I hate the torture performed on my, from the theft of the Velvet Elvis, the re-arranging of the furniture, to the EMTs in the bathroom in East Lansing.

But it must be said ... we need our BIG HEAD HEROES to take their rightful place!!

As Ray Nitschke said, so eloquently, speaking of Spart-a-wuss and, I must confess, Brutus, and Purdoo Pete, they are truly giants, each calling each other through the desolate intervals of time and Interstate 80. 

We may hate the institutions for which they stand.  We may despise the positions they took during and after the Troubles.  We may mock the sausage fingers.

But we must honor the Uber-headed mensch.  They abide.


Sunday, January 05, 2014

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Friday, January 03, 2014

If you like your COACH you can keep your COACH. PERIOD!!



Thursday, January 02, 2014


Despite the great pain he inflicted upon me and Pete, despite the crank calls, the re-arranging of furniture, the theft of the velvet, and the calling for the ambulance, I still remember the good works he did before he turned during The Troubles.

Thus, I must concede that I felt pangs of nostalgia and yes, even good feelings for the big Sausage-fingered lug, during his win over the hookah-smokers last night.

DO NOT TELL HIM THIS, though.  I'll never hear the end of it on the crank calling.

Monday, December 30, 2013

HUGE NEWS!! Mark Van Doren hired as ND Defensive Coordinator!!

This is HUGE for the mental and spiritual development of THE LADS!!

Gentlemen Warrior Princes just graduated to Gentlemen Warrior Prince-POETS!! 

We shall have a team of active contemplatives comprised of Thomas Mertons and Jack Kerouacs who shallst go On the Road to Climb the Thirteen Storey Mountain!!

13-0 shall never have been so well-written or so well-lived!!

Welcome, Mark Van Doren!!

Welcome Classical GLORY!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

HUGE NEWS...but KEEP THIS UNDER YOUR HAT!! BKell is in discussions to BRING BACK THE GBOT as Offensive Coordinator!!

The return of the GENIUS ROBOT to ND!!  He will be housed in the press box during games to keep silicon leaks under control.

There is only ONE HITCH:  The GBot has not been programmed in Southie, and Brian "the Brain" Kelly does not speak FORTRAN!!  It means that for negotiations, they have to use their common international language of FOUL CURSING!!  Sadly, some subtleties are lost in translation.

GBOT:  *&^^%%$     $^%&#(&^%
BKell: &$#^$^*&    %$@$%^    #^$%@@  &^$$#$#@@@#$
GBOT:   $^#%   you!!

Still a ways to go, but keep your SAUSAGE FINGERS CROSSED!!  Pee Wee Peet Carol (whose last name is a girl's name) is SLEEPLESS in SEATTLE at the thought!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

I have been working NONSTOP for the past 12 months, getting ready for the 2014 season.

I have analyzed our 2014 opponents, their depth charts, their expected recruits, potential new coaches and schemes.  I have done the same for us, and run detailed models looking at every potential position by position match-up for each team, offense, defense, and special teams, including matrixes factoring in weather variables, motivation and potential prayer impacts.

The result of those models, with a miniscule sigma, along with the detailed objective bases for the predictions set forth in detail, are below:

RICE: We will be all over them like white on them. ND 77 Owls Wh00000
MICHIGAN: This one will be fun. ND 176 UM 0
Purdue: (LucasOil) Purdoo Pete weeps. ND 112 Purdon’t 0
@ Syracuse at the Meadowlands: After the ND Defense POUNDS Orangemen into the ground, as they are dug out, Jimmy Hoffa is unearthed. ND 85 Syr 0 AFL-CIO 1
STANFORD: David Shaw heard whistles on his last visit to ND. His team will be seeing little birdies this trip as they are KNOCKED OUT. ND 56 SU 0
NORTH CAROLINA: ND gives them the General Sherman treatment. ND 120 NC 0
@ Florida State: Tomahawk Chumps. Defending National Champions fall. ND 64 FSU 0
@ Navy.  The Middies are tough, mean and ready.   ND 110 Navy 0
@ Arizona State: ASU whined to get this game and even brought nuns into it. Be careful what you wish for. ND 77 ASU 0 (with a nun with eligibility in an ND uniform scoring the final ND TD)
NORTHWESTERN: Get thee to a compass. ND 150 NW 0
LOUISVILLE: Paul Horning takes the over. ND 89 Louisville 0
@ Southern Cal: GLORY. GLORY. GLORY. After knocking out one half of the Sarkiffin Teenage Twins, the Lads start the process of sending the other half to his room without dinner. ND 150 USC 0.

12-0 in 2014.  Stone.

Notre Dame and the USA are like BROTHERS!!

The Glory of Notre Dame and the Glory of the United States go HAND IN HAND!!

Look at Notre Dame's most famous coach -- Knute Rockne.  He was born in another country (Norway) but came here and succeed against all odds!!  He cut his teeth working for the government in Chicago!!  His name adorns the most-marketed creation of its time: The Rockne Studebaker. 

Compare it to the current US President!!  Also born in another country (Kenya), he came here and also succeeded against all odds!!  He also cut is teeth working for the government in Chicago!!  His name is name also adorns the most-marketed creation of its time:  Obamacare - with equal success!!

America and Notre Dame:  The only places on earth where guys named Knute and Barak can succeed.  Together.


Brian "The Brain" Kelly has done something NO NOTRE DAME COACH has EVER done before....

RETURN ND to the HIGHEST WINNING PERCENTAGE in college football History!!


The difference between Notre Dame and Michigan:

Notre Dame is the WINNINGEST team in College Football History!!

Michigan is the WHINNINGEST team in College Football History!!


My CEASE and DESIST issued by the INTERNET ended of its own terms TODAY!!






2014 is adds up to 7.  7 is the number of Notre Dame HEISMAN TROPHY winners.  7 is the number of AP National Championships won by Notre Dame since the end of WWII.  7 is our LUCKY NUMBER!!

2014 shall be .... #1 for the MIGHTY IRISH!!

Put it ..... IN STONE!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

If anyone asks, I was never here.